Meet Fred

Meet Fred, Left2Die’s domesticated zombie.  Don’t worry, he doesn’t bite.


Time for the whos, whats, whens, whys, wheres, and hows of Fred.

Who is Fred?

Fred is L2D’s friendly, domesticated zombie. He is definitely not an annoying YouTuber.

What is Fred?

He’s a Zombie of course. He is also acting as a menu for players. Click him to be presented with the menu.  Eventually I would like for Fred to also have an option to collect daily rewards and maybe even issue player challenges.

When was Fred added?

Fred was added today, September 5, 2016. I suppose you could consider that Fred’s birthday.

Why Fred?

Fred’s purpose in life is to make things easier for players, especially new ones, to find the most important parts of L2D. New options will be added to the menu as needed to help keep everything important in one place.

Where is Fred?

Fred is located at PlotWorld spawn. The eventual plan is so have Fred appear at every map spawn point. Part of that plan may involve having the market listings and your mailbox available from the zombie worlds when accessed via Fred’s menu (though this is currently undecided).

How is Fred?

Fred is just peachy. Thanks for asking.