Release 2018.1.1: The Cleanup Release

In preparation for upgrading the server to 1.12.2, several components are being deprecated or replaced. This is mostly a cleanup release.  See below for the full changelog.


  • Closed Olympus due to lack of use and complications with the planned 1.12.2 upgrade.
  • Removed the following maps from the themed rotation due to lack of popularity:
    • Zender
    • SatZ
    • Titanic


  • Deprecated the lottery due to a lack of popularity and usage.
  • Deprecated all plugins relating to Olympus.
  • Deprecated the plugin used for custom login/leave messages due to 1.12.2 issues.
  • Cleaned out the permissions file of users with no assigned group (leftovers from when L2D had a voter rank).
  • Deprecated the modreq plugin.  Use /report now to report players violating the rules.


  • Removed unused chat channels: Trade (t), Help (h), and Olympus (o).
  • Troll (tr) channel renamed to Mature (ma).

Bug Fixes

  • Fix some players not being sent to spawn after a restart (again…this time it should actually work).
  • Lots of code cleanup.