Release 2018.1.2: The 1.12.2 Upgrade Release

This has been a long time coming, but L2D is finally updated to 1.12.2.  There were a lot of complications involved with this mostly due to several of L2D’s most important plugins no longer being maintained and having to either be replaced or fixed myself.  After several months, it is finally done (and with my luck, 1.13 will be released tomorrow).


  • All plugins updated to their 1.12 compatible versions.
  • The old vote rewards plugin has been replaced with something 1.12 compatible.
    • Votes now award tokens which can be redeemed in the /vote shop.
    • A melon is awarded for every vote.
    • You can now see exactly how long you have to wait to vote for each voting site.
    • Use /vote gui to see all options.