Release 2018.2.1: The Lobby Update

The lobby is now upgraded to 1.12.2.  I also cleaned it up a bit.  Since L2D is the only currently running server, I set up the lobby to act solely as a waiting room for server restarts.  The default server for new players now will be L2D instead of the lobby and the lobby has been made more basic in terms of features.


  • Updated the Lobby to 1.12.2.
  • Updated BungeeCord to the latest version.
  • Removed several old databases that were no longer being used.

Lobby Plugins

  • Updated all plugins to their 1.12 compatible version.
  • Deprecated several plugins:
    • Removed vote notifier.
    • Removed vote forwarder (was no longer in use).
    • Removed vote rewards (not much use in the lobby for what it’s used for).
    • Removed the cosmetics/gadgets plugin.
    • Removed Fred (his menu was empty at this point).
    • Replaced several other plugins with a single plugin that performed all of the same lobby management tasks.


  • Cleaned up old config files left over after L2D’s 1.12.2 upgrade.