2018.2.2: The Daylight Release

This week’s release is something I’ve been wanting to bring back to L2D for some time now: Daylight.  Some of you may still remember a time when PlotWorld had no night, but I’m going to bet that even fewer if any at all remember when the zombie world actually had a daylight cycle (and I’m not just talking about that week two years ago where I experimented with bringing it back).

So, what does this mean?  Just because there will now be daylight does not mean that the server will necessarily be easier during the day.  Zombies will not burn in the sun, so the ones that spawned at night will continue to roam, however, no new zombies will spawn outside of shaded areas (so they will still spawn inside buildings, in forested areas, etc).  This change also only effects the MegaMap.  Themed and PvP are still always night (though this may change in the future).


  • The MegaMap now has a daylight cycle.
    • Zombies do not burn in sunlight.
    • Zombies will not spawn in open, sunny areas, but will still spawn indoors and in shaded areas.
  • New /help command.
  • Updated the colour scheme of /rules.
  • Cleaned out some old permissions.