2018.3.1: The Warping Release

Several weeks overdue, this release is finally ready (hopefully).  There isn’t much as far as new features are concerned, it is mostly a major rewriting of the core plugin’s code and finishing the new warp code so the existing plugin can be replaced.

Due to all of the code rewrites, there is a good chance that something may not work right or an incorrect message may be displayed.  If you find an issue, please report it on the Discord server!

New Features

  • New recipe for the SpeedClock.  A clock surrounded by sugar.
  • New player login messages are back.


  • Finished the new warping code and replaced the former warp plugin.
  • Rewrote the displayed message code to allow for future localization.
  • Rewrote the ranking code.
  • Possible fix implemented in an attempt to keep the world times in sync with each other.
  • Renamed ZombieControl to ChatMod to make their job more clear to new players.