Plotworld Entity Purge

Due to severe lag issues originating from within Plotworld, I will be purging all entities from Plotworld starting this weekend, Saturday, June 16.  The number of entities in Plotworld is currently causing the server to halt zombie (and other mob) spawning in the zombie world….kind of an important feature to not have halted on a zombie apocalypse server.

The following entities will be wiped:

  • All animals (named and unnamed) and villagers
  • Item frames
  • Paintings
  • Boats
  • Minecarts
  • Ender Crystals
  • Banners (maybe…they should be okay, but safer to take them down if they’re important).
  • Complete list:

Store any of these items in chests before this weekend if you want to avoid losing them.  Animals/villagers will all be lost, so don’t use spawn eggs for the time being.  Lost items/mobs will not be replaced!

Because I keep getting asked this, the following will not be wiped:

  • Heads
  • Redstone
  • Signs

Because entities can only be wiped in loaded chunks, this will take several days.  I will give an all clear when you can start re-hanging items and using spawn eggs again.  Do not assume that because you logged in Monday and your item frames, etc are still there that your stuff is safe!

To avoid this issue from arising again in the future, I will be implementing additional entity limits to plots:

  • mobs: limit will stay the same (10)
  • minecarts/boats (limit undetermined, tentatively 3)
  • total entities (limit undetermined, tentatively 50.  This limit is the grand total of the sum of all of the entities listed in the wiping list above.  Less mobs/minecarts/boats will leave more room for you to place other entities.)

Keep in mind that these limits apply to the entire plot even if merged.  Merging two plots does not double the limit.

Update 1: June 13

Further investigation into the Plotworld lag issue has revealed that the number of hoppers constantly moving items (ie. a hopper clock) are also playing a part in the overall problem.  As such, hoppers will also be getting wiped from Plotworld unless I should happen upon the plot(s) in question or the owners remove the clocks.

Update 2: June 16

22,009 entities were cleared from Plotworld.  The server will continue to clear entities from Plotworld throughout the weekend in case anything was missed.  The plot entity caps have been set as they were defined above.

Update 3: June 18

The entity clearing has stopped.  It is now safe to place item frames, spawn mobs, etc.  Hoppers are still being investigated.