2018.12.1: The PvP Release

This is a pretty significant change to the way L2D has worked for the past few years.  PvP will now be the default unless you disable it.  This is how L2D used to be years ago, however the former implementation was very confusing to players.  I’m hoping that this new rendition will be a little easier.


  • The dedicated PvP map has been removed.  The Islands map will return later as one of the maps in the Themed rotation.
  • PvP is now enabled globally in the zombie worlds at night.  A warning message and sound will trigger about a minute before PvP starts and immediately after it starts.  edit: PvP has been disabled in /themed at least for now.  This may change again in the future.
  • All players get 100 minutes of PvP safe time to start and PvP disabled. Each night, that time will tick down. If it reaches zero, PvP automatically becomes enabled for that player.
  • Players that have PvP turned off with have a green name tag.  Players that have it on will have a red name tag.  Keep in mind that a player that has it off can turn it on!
  • Players can enable/disable their PvP status with /pvp enable (or /pvp on) and /pvp disable (or /pvp off). Players can also use /pvp toggle to switch to the opposite of whatever mode they’re currently on. Disabling PvP costs 500 coins.
  • The scoreboard on the right will display the total number of minutes remaining when PvP is disabled. When there are less than ten minutes left, it will turn red in colour.
  • Players can purchase more PvP safetime via Fred at /spawn or with /pvp buytime . The cost is 5 coins per minute.
  • The following things cannot be done during the night:
    • Disabling PvP (you can still enable though)
    • Purchasing more safe time.
    • Warping via command (except for in themed which is always night).  Warp signs will still work.  You will be warned when warping to a location where PvP is enabled and you have PvP enabled to allow you a chance to return to spawn and make changes.
  • The underground PvP areas in the City map are no longer PvP.
  • Edit: The amount of coins that can appear in loot chests has been tripled.