2019.3.1: The Restart-less Restart Release


  • The server will now reset the maps and rotate the themed map without having to restart the server.
    • The server will still restart at midnight Eastern time.
    • The server will still restart if it detects that it is running into problems.
    • During a map reset, players will now be sent to Plotworld to wait until the world is reset.
  • Items obtained via /kit are now labeled as [Kit Item].
    • Kit items can no longer be sold in the player market.
    • As a result of the new tag, kit items will not stack with non-kit items of the same type.  Plan accordingly.
  • Player data is now stored more frequently, so loss of zombie kill statistics should be minimal now in the event of a server crash.
  • Various code cleanup and removal of no longer used features.


There were a lot of intricate pieces that had to all come together for this release, so if you notice any issues, please bring them up in the Discord.