2019.5.1: The Unique Plotworld Update

This update contains changes that some may consider good news and bad news depending upon one’s perspective.

Players can now warp directly to their plot from the zombie world (5 second warmup, 15 coin fee).  New players will also be able to directly use /plot auto from the zombie worlds to claim a new plot.

The change that is likely to annoy some players are the changes to the uniques.  Any unique with the [Unique] tag can no longer be altered (same with bandages and speedclock).  This primarily means, no adding additional enchants and no renaming.  This is in preparation for a later update involving the uniques where I will need them to be unmodified for it to work properly.


  • The follow commands will now work from Zombie World with a 15 coin fee (free if in Plotworld):
    • /plot auto
    • /plot home
    • /plot confirm (confirming plot invites)
  • Uniques with the [Unique] tag, bandages, and the Speedclock are now protected from modification.  This means, these items can no longer be used on:
    • Crafting Tables
    • Enchantment Tables
    • Anvils
  • /warp list now shows the correct page count.