Think you have what it takes to be staff on the Minecraft Left2Die server?  First read the current application guidelines located here on the wiki.  If you still think you may qualify, you may apply below or by clicking here.


  • Do not ask about the status of your application or it will be rejected outright.  L2D accepts applications on a continual basis so it could be weeks or months before your application is accepted (if it ever is).
  • Do not ask for help with your application.  If you cannot handle it on your own, then you are not ready for staff.
  • Do not lie in your application.  If you’re caught, you will be permanently blacklisted from applying for staff in the future.
  • Just because you applied does not mean you will get it.  It also does not mean you can start acting like staff.  Do not start threatening to get players banned/muted or gloating that you will be staff soon or your application will be rejected.

What we are currently looking for:

  • Chat Mods – We are looking to possibly add another ChatMod that is potential Moderator material (ie you must meet the moderator guidelines for this position).
  • Builders – We are looking for several good builders to assist in our latest map project which is a rather large map being almost entirely built by the team itself.
  • Questers – If we can get the right people for this, we have a fun idea for a quest that needs worked on for a couple of our popular maps.
  • Developers – We could use a few people experienced with Java programming to help out with development of our existing plugin base, development of new plugins, and maintenance of some of our forked plugins.