Looting and griefing the maps

Gathering materials is done primarily via looting and griefing of the zombie worlds.


There are two types of loot chests on Left2Die: Static and Auto-loot. Static chests will always contain the same loot while auto-loot chests will randomly generate new loot.


Static chests will always have the same items in them every time the maps reset. Items like uniques are typically found in static loot chests, however, other items such as enchanted books and other assorted loot items can be found in them as well. These chests are first come, first served per reset.


Auto-loot chests are randomly generated loot chests. Their locations are always the same; only the loot changes. Auto-loot chests are per-player, so every player can open the chest and get their own set of loot items. They also give coins. These chests will reset their loot every four hours regardless of when the maps reset.

There are three tiers of auto-loot chest each of three levels (so nine total types). These are indicated when opening the chest in the chest GUI as T1L1 and similar. The chest locations will shuffle each time the maps reset, so the location of a T3L3 chest one reset may be a T1L1 the next reset.


To get building blocks, players will need to grief the zombie world maps. The general rule is: if you can break it, it’s yours. The maps will [reset](https://minecraftleft2die.com/wiki/gameplay/restart/ every few hours.

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