A space themed map on a space station

L2D’s own space station. Beacons provide jump boost to add to the space effect.


First Release: November 14, 2014

First Retirement: January 6, 2018

Second Release: May 22, 2019

Size: 243x191


L2D Team

  • Bybloss
  • JohnBPKC

SatZ is L2D’s space themed map. The map took roughly two months to build.

SatZ provides a permanent jump boost through the use of un-griefable beacons. To protect the beacon beam, the entire central core of the map is also protected.

The map was originally released as the new PvP map, replacing the Islands map; however players did not enjoy the map with PvP so Islands returned as the primary PvP map.


  • Despite the main portion of the map not being StarWars related, there are other StarWars ships and machines around the map, such as the Millennium Falcon.
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