Slenderman themed map

Players are stuck with perpetual blindness in this Slenderman based map.


First Release: November 7, 2015

First Retirement: January 6, 2018

Second Release: May 22, 2019

Size: 400x400


L2D Team

  • TheDeathBadger

Zender is based on the Slenderman game. While in the map, players are completely blinded making it difficult to find ones way around and even more difficult to survive hoards.

The Zender map is the only map with a boss made specifically for it, the Zenderman, that can lurk anywhere throughout the entire map.


  • The map was laid out to roughly match the layout of the Slenderman world.
  • TheDeathBadger created the map entirely on his own, using schematics for some of the builds.
  • The maps contain a series of seven pages for players to find.
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