Locate and solve puzzles and mazes

Left2Die has several puzzles, parkour, and mazes hidden around the maps with prizes at the end. Below are several of these puzzles sorted roughly in order of easiest to hardest. Some may include hints.

Active Puzzles

Islands Maze 1

Location: Islands
Type: Maze

  • Tiny maze located underground in the Islands map.

Islands Maze 2

Location: Islands
Type: Maze

  • Medium sized maze in the Islands map.
  • Located completely underwater.

Islands Maze 3

Location: Islands
Type: Maze

  • Large sized maze in the Islands map.
  • Hidden underground.

Online Forensics Puzzle

Location: Megamap
Type: Puzzle

  • Solve the puzzle located on this page to get the coordinates of the unique.

Physics Homework Puzzle

Location: Town, City, Megamap
Type: Puzzle

  • Consists of two separate puzzles. Started by finding one of the two homework books, one of which is a unique.
  • Solve the physics problems to find the hidden uniques.

Tiny Puzzle

Location: Tiny Terrors
Type: Maze, Puzzle

  • A secret entrance leads to this maze and puzzle course.

Parking Lot Puzzle

Location: City
Type: Parkour, Puzzle

  • Named for the location in which the entrance was once located.
  • Contains five rooms of puzzle and/or parkour.

Observatory Puzzle

Location: North Megamap
Type: Puzzle

  • It is hiding something.
  • This puzzle is easier than many people make it out to be.

Volcano Maze

Location: City
Type: Maze

  • Finding it is probably the toughest part.
  • The maze is entirely in lava.

Spider Room Puzzle

Location: City
Type: Puzzle

  • Gets its name from the loot chamber.
  • Hidden somewhere within the sewers of the city.
  • Contains two rooms.
  • Using enderpearls is a good way to get killed.

Jose the Happy Ghast’s Seed Vault

Location: Nether
Type: Puzzle

  • No external information is needed to enter the vault.
  • Some parts will require some guess work.
  • Vault is highly lethal. You’ve been warned!

Enderpearl Puzzle

Location: Tiny Terrors
Type: Maze

  • Located on the second floor of Tiny Terrors.
  • Use enderpearls to navigate the narrow passages through the maze.

Fly Puzzle

Location: Tiny Terrors
Type: Puzzle

  • Located on the second floor of Tiny Terrors.
  • Find the correct way to open the door. Choose incorrectly and the puzzle is broken for the restart.

Tnt’s Puzzle Arena

Location: Tiny Terrors
Type: Puzzle, Parkour, Maze

  • Named after the builder that created it.
  • A series of several puzzles, parkour, and maze rooms.
  • The clue for it’s location is found somewhere in the attic.

Bedrock 10-Layer Maze

Location: Northeast Megamap
Type: Maze

  • Located somewhere underground. There is a visible entrance to it.
  • There is only one entrance to the maze.
  • The top most layers contain spawners.

Pyramid Puzzle

Location: Northwest Megamap
Type: Puzzle, Maze, Parkour

  • There are three encoded books and a decoder book hidden elsewhere in the megamap. You will need these to beat the pyramid.
  • It cannot be defeated alone.
  • Contains five rooms.

Tower Puzzle

Location: Central Megamap
Type: Parkour, Puzzle, Maze

  • There is a “Floor 1” encoded book hidden elsewhere in the megamap. It uses a different code than the Pyramid puzzle. There is no decoder book (does not mean there are not other clues on how to decode it).
  • You will need to do some Googling and try and guess the correct cipher. There are no clues anywhere on which cipher is used. It is not a really obscure cipher and should not be difficult to guess.
  • Once decrypted, follow the instructions to gain access to the tower.
  • You only get one shot per room, per restart period. If you make a mistake, the entire tower will disable itself. Depending on when you make a mistake, you may have to start over at Room 1.


Location: Megamap
Type: Maze

  • Is located under the entire Megamap.
  • Main entrance is located under an X on the map. You may find Nemo in the process of looking for the entrance to the MegaMaze.

X Puzzle (aka Finding Nemo)

No this isn't the correct 'X'

Location: Megamap
Type: Puzzle

  • Scattered all over the megamap are several X’s. One of them hides Nemo.

The Quest for the Holy Grail

Location: Megamap
Type: Puzzle

  • The Holy Grail unique has been in the map for years, though it is no longer in its original location as of September 2018.
  • The quest is started by obtaining The Quest for the Holy Grail unique which contains the clue for finding the grail.
  • The Holy Grail will not even appear in the map until The Quest for the Holy Grail unique has been obtained. It will remain in the map only until the server resets at which point you too will also have to restart.

Inactive Puzzles

Invisible 10-Layer Maze

Location: Olympus (Retired)
Type: Maze

  • Located somewhere underground.
  • There is only one entrance to the maze.
  • The maze is entirely made of invisible barriers except for the lower floors.
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