Water filled world based on Bioshock

Based on Bioshock, this map is completely submerged under water.


Release: May 31, 2014

Size: 255x210


L2D Team

  • Bybloss
  • JohnBPKC

Aquashock was the first brand new map released after L2D moved to Minecats. It took about a month for the map to be completed. The map is based on the game BioShock.

Aquashock was originally released as a map on its own, but is now part of the themed map rotation.


  • Aquashock was built when the buildmaps were still on the same server as L2D. As such, to avoid crashing L2D when it came time to fill the map with water, Bybloss was on early in the morning, around 2am, to fill it all in.
  • The map contains the same mall as is found in the City map, only modified for Aquashock and turned into a Casino.
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